M.M. fibreglass gratings and products and their related accessories can be used in urban solid and special waste storage and treatment plants, as well as in waste-to-energy plants. M.M. products are resistant to corrosion, humidity, low temperatures and sudden changes in temperature; therefore, they represent the ideal solution for installations in complex environmental conditions. The line of high chemical resistance gratings by M.M. with isophthalic and vinylester resins is the ideal product for waste storage and treatment plants. M.M. products can be used for support structures such as walking surfaces, gangways, ladders (inclined and vertical) and enclosures. M.M. gratings are manufactured according to the DIN 24537-3 standard and can be supplied in a slip resistant version according to the DIN 51130 standard. Elevated walkways are constructed according to the most stringent EU standards. To guarantee operators’ safety, M.M. also supplies FRP parapets. All M.M. products are manufactured according to UNI EN ISO 14122 – 1,2,3,4, standards and Legislative Decree 81/2008 on safety in the workplace.

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