The choice of MM Gratings is to work strategically with strong ecological logic, aimed at protecting the ecosystem.


MM Gratings, in fact, at all stages of production has taken some time manufacturing procedures which comply with the legislation in force, both to reduce energy consumption and to increase the component of the various recyclable waste products in order to limit the pollution of soil, water and air. This causes MM Gratings able to propose solutions with a "green soul" without the slightest that this is reflected on the performance of its products.

Another step ahead in M.M.’s green philosophy: CSI, the certification and testing center (part of the IMQ group) issued the FRP20005 conformity certificate in compliance with the Particular Rules set by CSI in the 003/13 document based on the EN 13430 standard.
It certifies that gratings, structures, fences, manholes and coverings could be recycled and used in other production processes.

Download the certificate.

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