Pultruded profiles

profili profili pioli


Pultruded profiles are manufactured according to the so-called pultrusion technology, using bars of 6 meters in length and standard colours such as bright yellow or grey, but they can be made to order in other colours. Isophthalic bisphenolic, vinylester or other resins, also flame retardant resins, can be used for the profiles. Each type of pultruded profile has a specific use. They can be divided into: profiles for structures, parapets, other uses and self-anchoring profiles.
The pultruded profiles for structures are the backbone of the structures and are therefore able to support greater weights. For complex structures, pultruded profiles classified according to the EN 13706 E 23 standard can be used. Pultruded profiles for parapets are used for uprights, intermediate stringers, foot stoppers as well as handrails.
Pultruded profiles for other uses are primarily used for vertical ladders and especially for uprights, rungs and back protectors. Pultruded self-anchoring profiles are essentially used as a new angle profile to accommodate tunnel coverings. The new section of the angle profile allows to replace the outdated metal clamps. The profile is designed to ensure the tightness to the cast. The ease of installation and the absence of metal parts make this new product ideal for casings.


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