FRP fences

recinzioni prfv recinzioni vetroresina recinzioni

Fences are one of the most innovative applications of gratings and profiles by M.M. s.r.l.. These artefacts are mainly applied in areas where electrical insulation and corrosion resistance are required. In addition to outdoor installations, M.M. fences in FRP (fibreglass) are also used within factories or power plants to fence the devices under tension. Fences are designed directly by the M.M. technical office to optimize the performance/cost ratio and to allow easy and quick assembly operations. 

FRP GRP fences are mainly used in:
           • electric power plants
           • geothermal plants
           • pylons
           • transformers
           • railway substations
           • railway tunnel recesses
           • others.

Fences are prefabricated and modular, pre-assembled and easy to install.


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