Molded gratings

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M.M. fibreglass gratings are manufactured according to the injection moulding technology and are produced in a wide variety of sizes in order to provide the ideal solution to the various installation problems. They consist of monolithic panels that are very simple and quick to install.

M.M. gratings are mainly used for gangways, service plans, walking surfaces, canal covers, waste sewage drains, electrical protection panels and steps.

M.M. gratings are designed with high safety factors and manufactured under the most stringent control procedures in accordance with the DIN 24537 -3 standard.

M.M. gratings can be supplied with non-slip surface, certified according to the DIN 51130 standard (determination of slip resistance) in the following versions:
1.  with permanent non-slip covered surface ("meniscus" type) (certified R13-V10)
2.  with permanent non-slip covered surface with quartz (certified R13-V4)

M.M. gratings were certified as durable products, not subject to a decline in their mechanical performance according to the cycles of heat/cold and humidity exposure in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9142 standard.

M.M. gratings have also passed the aging resistance test with cycles of UV exposure in accordance with ASTM G154.          

Upon explicit request, flame retardant gratings can be supplied according to the EN13501, ASTM E84, ASTM D635, DIN 4102, NFP 92-507 standards.           

M.M. gratings can also be supplied with a non-slip covered surface (certified R10 - V10).



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