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Fibreglass gratings are extremely versatile, in that they allow to cut panels to the desired shape (straight, transverse or curved) and hence fully satisfy any need, from standard to special requirements. Within M.M. facilities, an area is devoted to the machining of gratings. Here standard panels are machined to obtain gratings in any geometric shape, from classical to more complex shapes. 
M.M. specializes in cutting and shaping operations on grating panels upon drawing. The company carries out following activities:
- Cutting and shaping to size. M.M. shapes and cuts gratings to size: standard panels in stock are cut to size to obtain gratings which are fully compliant with the customer’s size requirements.
- Milling: the automatic milling process allows to obtain shaped elements or panels with lower thickness from standard thickness panels, with the aim to satisfy all possible requirements.

The above mentioned activities can be performed thanks to:
- automatic cutting machines which allow to cut materials with millimetre precision
- milling machines
- qualified, attentive and dedicated personnel, with a long experience in the field and a passionate work culture, operating in a context that enhances their qualities.  

Equipped with cutting edge computer systems, the M.M. technical office can develop any kind of grating design for applications in the construction, industrial and civil sector. Construction drawings are developed by the technical office and submitted to the customer for approval. Cut panels are then labelled to allow matching with layout drawings.

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