MM gratings and structures are manufactured according to original and patented technology, which is mainly based on injection moulding (RTM) and pultrusion.
MM gratings are manufactured according to RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) technology, which is an injection moulding process.
Glass fibres are arranged orthogonally in order to assure mechanical strength of the final product.
Dies are hermetically sealed with a cover through a hydraulic system. Total sealing of the die allows to obtain better and complete polymerization and maintain most heat generated by the reaction in the die under exothermic peak conditions. This process has a very limited environmental impact.
Different types of thermosetting resins can be injected, such as polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins, with proper addition of promoters and catalysts.  
RTM technology enables to design specific gratings with different types of mesh, thickness and shape, with covered surface and sandwich structure, even for production batches of limited quantities.    
The finish of MM gratings is performed through polishing and painting processes. MM can also cut products to size (straight, transverse or curved cuts) and hence offer shaped panels which are able to fully satisfy any need, from standard to more specific requirements.
MM also offers pultruded profiles, manufactured through the pultrusion process. Pultrusion, which combines the terms “pull” and “extrusion”, meaning “extrusion by pulling”, is a continuous process used to produce reinforced polymer profiles whose fibres are pulled and hence perfectly aligned before die polymerization. 
Pultruded profiles are used to construct FRP structures such as gangways, parapets, inclined and vertical ladders, which are preassembled in the factory before shipment.

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