M.M. S.r.l. has an enviable experience in the fibreglass reinforced polyester FRP - GRP field, since it has been producing high quality manufactures for over thirty years. It provides its customers with:

           • moulded grating (available in a wide range of meshes and thicknesses)

           • pultruded grating
           • pultruded profiles
           • enclosures
           • composite structures (parapets, gangways, ladders, stairways)
           • fittings, bolts and nuts.


M.M. grating and products are characterised by: high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, high mechanical/weight ratio, no softening to heath, unlimited life, lightness, dimensional stability, high dielectric properties. They are also easy to install and do not require maintenance.


These products suit  many applications in the chemical, galvanic, mining, textile and food industries; as well as electric stations, paper mills, depuration plants and Municipal waterworks. The intrinsic properties of FRP - GRP are mostly exalted in the corrosive environments in general,  in particular in the naval industry.


The company has a certified quality management system (according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification) and has so far obtained many other approvals by qualifying agencies, such as the Italian Naval Registry, the Navy and the national electric company.


M.M. S.r.l. provides its customers with value-added services, such as technical engineering, structural calculations for composite materials, feasibility study for new FRP - GRP products, corrosion studies, technical advice, cutting and shaping.


M.M. S.r.l. has always been interested and involved in research and innovation. With regards to its production system, the company has shifted over the years from manual and handicraft work to more sophisticated systems. Due to robotized and automatized machines it has been possible to standardize operations and improve the production, since defects and human mistakes can be drastically reduced.

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