M.M. has obtained the SA 8000 certification (acronym for Social Accountability 8000), the voluntary international standard that evaluates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
"The SA 8000 certification is a significant milestone for our company," says Emanuel Morandini, CEO of M.M. "We recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility and our role in promoting it. This certification represents M.M.'s tangible commitment to being an example of best practices in the industry and is determined to improve by adhering to increasingly higher standards. Investing in the well-being of our employees and corporate ethics is essential for long-term success and making a positive contribution to society."
By adhering to the SA 8000:2014 standard, M.M. has committed to respecting the ethical labour rules of the most important global organizations for the protection of human and labour rights, improving the effectiveness and transparency in the management of its business activities, and raising awareness among the entities collaborating in various capacities with the organization, fostering a virtuous cycle throughout the supply chain.
Furthermore, by ensuring transparency in the relationship between the company and its workers, M.M. collaborators are aware that they are working in a safe and ethically correct company committed to protecting and improving their working conditions.
This achievement adds to the other certifications obtained by M.M. and attests to its commitment to promoting respect for human, civil, and ethical rights, both within M.M. and in its relationships with its stakeholders.
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